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O-1 Visa Consultation

Including legal costs, mandatory filing fees, advisory opinion requests and other charges can cost about $10,000


The O1 Visa

What is the difference between 
O1-A & O1-B Visas?

O-1A Visa

The O-1A visa is for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of sciences, business, education, or athletics. This category is meant for those who have excelled significantly in their field and have a proven track record of accomplishments. Examples of O-1A candidates include exceptional researchers, prominent business leaders, outstanding educators, and highly skilled athletes.

O-1B Visa

The O-1B visa is for individuals with extraordinary abilities in the arts or those who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. This includes individuals in fields like music, film, television, theater, and other performing arts. O-1B candidates are typically individuals who have garnered significant recognition, awards, and acclaim for their artistic contributions.

Who is eligible for this type of Visa?

Business People

The O-1 visa recognizes individuals of extraordinary ability in business who have achieved remarkable success, demonstrated by international acclaim, significant contributions, and sustained recognition in their field. It is for those who have a proven track record of entrepreneurial excellence and have made substantial impacts in their industry.


The O-1 visa caters to exceptional athletes who have achieved national or international acclaim in their sport through sustained excellence. It is for athletes who have demonstrated extraordinary skills, received significant awards, and have a high level of expertise that sets them apart in their sport.


The O-1 visa is available for exceptional scientists who have gained recognition for their significant contributions and groundbreaking research in their respective scientific fields. It is designed for individuals who have received prestigious awards, published influential scientific papers, and have a strong reputation among their peers.

People of the Arts

The O-1 visa is for extraordinary artists who have reached the pinnacle of their craft, whether in music, theater, film, visual arts, or other artistic disciplines. It recognizes individuals with a history of acclaimed performances, exhibitions, or creative achievements, demonstrating their exceptional talent and substantial impact on their artistic field.

What Our Clients Say

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"I highly recommend Akalan Law Firm. Yasin Akalan is a first class attorney. He is very passionate and professional. He truly cares for his clients and their well being. His work ethic is second to none. I am most impressed by his diligence. He does not let anything stand in his way. I am very grateful for his services and will continue to use this law firm as needed.."
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